Podcasting in Education


This week our first topic is podcasting and how it can be used in education. A common and popular use of podcasts in education is for book reviews (either teacher or student created) but podcasts are so easy to create and access it seems like a shame to just stop there.

Below, is a link to a podcast I created about some of my ideas on how to push beyond the book review with podcasts in education:

Podcast on Podcasting in the Library

For those of you who couldn’t listen to the podcast, here is the summarized lists of ideas:

  • Create a monthly series of video and audio podcasts highlighting different technologies
  • Create a Story Time Podcast by recording yourself reading a portion of a book and post daily or weekly
  • Create on advertisement for a program or service the library is offering
  • Create a roundup of podcasts for different subject areas and link to them on the library website

So, what do you think? Would these ideas work, would people use them? What ideas do you have about branching out with podcasting in education?

Oh, and just for fun, here’s a little podcasting comic I found. Hopefully, this doesn’t remind you of the podcast you just heard :-).

For more information on what podcasting is and how it works, check out Educause Learning Initiatives 7 Things You Should Know About Podcasting. 



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