The One Where I Try My Hand at Making an Advocacy Message

Alright lovelies, this week’s classroom challenge was to create an advocacy message for school libraries.

This is my attempt (click the link below the image to go to the full slideshow):

Advocacy Message

I’m not sure if it was exactly whatProf. Berger had in mind but I’m pleased with it (or at least, not so embarrassed by it I won’t put it out on my blog for the whole wide internet to see :-) ).

I think I could see it running on a library webpage or even on local access channel-that is, if I could figure out how to add music to the slideshare.

Looking forward to seeing what my creative, ingenious classmates come up with this week.

Cheers for now.

UPDATE: I found some free time and played around with iPhoto’s slideshow creator and Garage Band’s editing features to tweak this presentation and make it seem more believable as a commercial or something to play on a website. Follow the link to check it out on Vimeo and enjoy. 

Advocacy Message for School Libraries


One thought on “The One Where I Try My Hand at Making an Advocacy Message

  1. Serena, i LOVED your advocacy video!! I admit, a little dark, but i LOVE dark!! hahaha, seriously though, I thought the 2nd time around that you really grabbed the viewer’s attention with the audio and transitions – excellent job!!

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