Old School Organization vs. New School Organization

Are you a die hard techie, completely devoted to your Google calendar, iPhone reminders etc? Are you a technophobe, fully dependent on your paper planner, calendars, and lists? Or maybe you’re like me: loving your laptop/smartphone/tablet but still, just can’t break away from doing certain things on paper. I love my big thick daily/monthly planner and I can’t get use to using an electronic device instead of my little notebooks full of to-do lists and well, notes.

Well, Moleskin and Evernote have teamed up to merge these two worlds using what else, technology.

Check out the Moleskin website where you can learn more and, if you’re so inclined, purchase one.

What do you all think? Worth the price? Not interested at all? Would you rather use your smart phone and a plain old notebook? Compare, contrast, discuss etc in the comments.




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