Business Card Update

First things first, I owe you all some tidbits and updates from the great workshop I attended last Thursday. I’m working on it and should have a post or two about that before the week is over. It was my first workshop and I was not disappointed.

Yesterday, the lovely Amy Rau at Green Girl Press sent me a proof of my business card. I requested a few minor tweaks and she sent me back a new proof later that day. I loooovvveeddd the revised version and that was that. She is having the plates made as I type and I should be holding the actual cards in my hand before I know it.

Here are the two proofs she sent me. Can you guess which is the first and which is the second with my requested tweaks

If you guessed that the one on the left was the the original and the one on the right was the final version with my requested tweaks, you would be right. I loved the layout of the first one but thought a) it could use a little more space between my titles and my information and b) my name grabbed and held your attention just a little bit too much. So, we’re going with the second slightly more subdued design but, I’m going with the more blue grey color from the first one. I originally picked out the darker steel grey from the one on the right but love how the blue grey makes the yellow look more chipper and cheery and gives the whole thing a lighter, more friendly appearance.

Psst…..To track this whole business card adventure from the beginning see this post and this post.

See you later this week for some Library Leadership Academy Workshop highlights and sharing.




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