Hence the ridiculously long break from posting (espicially considering my last post reassured everyone I was not lost or missing…). I’ve been at the job for a little over month now and feel settled in so I’m hoping to resume regular postings again. Here’s what’s been going on so far:

I got that job I was telling you about (yes I know I already mentioned that but I’m still really excited about it). Here’s something you didn’t already know: Not only did I get the job, I LOVE the job. I was super nervous about working with teenagers but they have been great! No really.  I had a professor who preferred working with teens describe them one time as “exquisite” and it always struck me as an odd word choice but more and more, I’m beginning to understand what she meant. Not only do I like the kids, I like my coworkers and have an amazing library aide. Could I get any luckier with my fresh-out-of-library-school first real job? I don’t think so…

In between getting to know the kids, my fellow teachers and the actual library, I’ve also come up with (what I think are) some fun ideas. For February, we jumped on the Blind Date with a Book bandwagon and did our own version to promote reading. The students seem to be enjoying it and we’ve seen regular participation each week of the month so far.

Back at my old job, I really enjoyed having a Betta fish on my desk (they have a great deal of personality for a fish) and  I decided to get one for my desk here as well. I thought it would be fun to let the kids help name him but, with a reading promotion twist. I made up slips of paper for them to suggest names for the fish. Whenever they check a book out or in for the next two weeks, they’ll get a name suggestion slip they can return to us. Then, my aide and I will narrow the suggestions down to our top three favorites and make ballot slips. The kids can get a ballot slip and vote for the name of their choice for every book they check in or out for the rest of the month of March. I’ll tally the results and announce the winning name after they get back from Spring Break (got to give them something, even a small something, to look forward to on that cruel Monday back from a break right?). So far, the students seem pretty excited about library fish and are eager to suggest names for him so I think my welcome back from February break surprise was a hit and our March reading promo will be one as well.

The final idea of been kicking around is still in the early stages. I found out our school got a grant to purchase iPads but they aren’t really being used much at all except by the occasional science teacher. I’ve been toying with the idea of creating my own “appy hour” for teachers after school, maybe once a month, where I research and explore apps ahead of time and then present them to any interested teaches that show up. I’d survey the teachers ahead of time to find out what they are working on and would be interested in seeing apps about. I still have to create a short  introductory survey to email the teachers and gauge their responsiveness. My goal was to do that and iron out more of the details over break but….yeah, that didn’t happen.

I’ll try to get some pictures of the library setup and our Blind Date with a Book displays later this week. Until then, enjoy the single, low quality cell phone picture I have of Library Fish:
Library Fish
See you on Wednesday!


2 thoughts on “I GOT THAT JOB!

  1. Hi Serena, I was just going through my google reader account for an upcoming presentation I’m doing and came across your blog! Congratulations! What school district are you working in? I love all your ideas you are so creative!!! Looking forward to your next post :)

    1. Hi Penny!

      I’m over in the LaFayette Jr/Sr High School and I’m loving it! Thanks so much for the kind words. How’s your program going? Do you have many more classes left to take?

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