End of Year Wrap-Ups

So, yeah, I really dropped the ball on keeping this place updated the last month and a half of school. On the plus side, it was because I was so busy enjoying this job and my students. Here are some pictures of displays and happenings at my library since you last heard from me (including those National Poetry Month displays I said “would be coming later in the week”…back in April). 

The aforementioned National Library Month Displays (sorry, the display case has no working lights and it doesn’t photograph well.):



Here are some photos of the whole Name the Library Fish event we cooked up back in March: 


Look at all those ballots! It certainly was a successful idea. 

Finally, here are some shots of our displays from May. We crowned May “Did You Know Month” in our library: 


My TA also made a cool giant calendar in the display case where she filled in all sorts of weird/unusual National Days of May (Did you know May 4th is National Star Wars Day?). I tried to get pictures of it but they turned out even worse than the ones of the spine label poems we did for National Poetry Month. 

Also, that particular “Now I Know” article is about how clown fish can switch genders. Seriously. Check it out here

So that’s a quick photo summary of some of the things we did and tried the last few weeks at school. I’m hoping with summer vacation right around the bend I’ll be able to post on a regular schedule again. I’d love to explore some new ideas and technologies and share them with you all. I’m also getting ready to launch myself into full job hunting mode again soon so maybe I can share some resources and tips along the way. 

Have a great week and hopefully, I’ll be back soon! 


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