Summer Update

So, my time as a long term sub at the Jr/Sr High School came to an end. I was incredibly bummed to not get the job but, like to believe that everything has a purpose and a reason. So, it was back on the job hunting trail for me the last few weeks. It has been a whirlwind but (spoiler alert) I’ve gotten a new job!

It will be at an elementary school like I always had planned on throughout school. It’s technically a city school district but it doesn’t feel like a big city. I say feel because I’ve never spent much time in this city before I went for my interview so I’m basing this off of the few visits I’ve had so far.

I just had my first department meeting where I met my mentor and my other fellow librarians today. They were really nice and friendly so I’m excited to be on a team with them. Plus, I found out that in addition to having a district issued iPad available to me, there is a grant available through our BOCES SLS that will pay for my registration, hotel, and transportation to the AASL conference in Hartford this Fall!!! I had been hoping to save up enough money to go and now I don’t have to-provided I get my application and essay in before the due date. Which is like, tomorrow. So….update over. Grant application commencing right….now!


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