Winter is coming

So it was time to update my Fall/Thanksgiving display case and bulletin board! A quick stroll through Pinterest for some ideas and my bulletin board went from this:

My Fall theme
My Fall theme

to this:

A Winter Wonderland in progress
A Winter Wonderland in progress

and finally, to this:

The final product
The final product

Some up close pics of the snowmen’s signs:

IMG_0352 IMG_0353


I also updated my display case so now it looks like this:


Students and staff seem to really like them and, best of all, since they are winter themed, I can leave them up until Spring roles around. I’m thinking I’ll take the stockings off the fireplace and the bulb strands down post Christmas and replace them with some cocoa mugs and books on the mantle and maybe a framed picture above the mantle.

I forgot to take pictures but things are getting pretty festive inside the library as well. We put up the fake tree last week and kids have started making and hanging paper ornaments on it. I had my third grade collaboration time class make paper snowflakes on Friday and I taped them up in the library windows before I left for the weekend. I have a few more things to add this week to complete our holiday/winter decorations so maybe I’ll remember to take pictures so I can share how great things look inside the library as well as out!

P.S. My awesome mentor showed me this website where you can make virtual snowflakes: I think next week I’m going to show my third grade collaboration time class this and give them the choice between making virtual or real snowflakes for the afternoon.


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