Cool Tools for Schools, Thing 26: Taking the Lead & Connecting with Stakeholders, Part II

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Share what advocacy & marketing you are already doing.

Currently, at the end of each month, I do a report for my principal outlining what happened at the library. I don’t get feedback each month but, I know she reads it and I do periodically get an email with a comment or two about what we’ve been doing in library.

For my  teachers, I gather up any and all artifacts produced by their classes during center time that month, type up a sheet outlining what the centers were and what CCSS they addressed and, put them in their mailboxes at month’s end. No one has said, “hey thanks but no thanks, stop cluttering up my mailbox” and several teachers have actually commented on how nice it is to have those monthly summaries of standards meet to add to their grade books (I don’t give grades in my building so I’m glad to help someone else out with them). I also started a Pinterest for the library and try to send my teachers an email newsletter (created in Smore) once a month highlighting some of the new resources I’ve pinned that month.

For my parents, the library has a standing spot in the school’s monthly newsletter and I usually make an amended version of what I send my principal to put in the newsletter.

For our students we have numerous, constantly changing book displays and monthly book picks bulletin board outside the library, featuring my fur babies. It includes a bio for each of them and every month I change the month in the middle, the book covers and, the summaries (with quotes from the animals) for the chosen books.

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