Cool Tools for School, Thing 12: Final Reflections

For my final reflections, I thought I’d try using Adobe Spark Video. I’ve used it once before to create a summary video about my trip to the AASL National Conference but this time, I made use of the voice recording option in addition to the pictures and text! Although the audio gets a bit wonky in spots, I think it turned out pretty well and it wasn’t too difficult to put together (once I got my thoughts in order that is).

Here’s a link to my Spark Video in case the embed doesn’t work (I seem to be able to see the video embed in edit mode but once I hit publish it’s just a link? Not sure what’s up with that…)



One thought on “Cool Tools for School, Thing 12: Final Reflections

  1. Oh my gosh! What a great final reflection. Thanks for taking the time to do the spark video option. It’s terrific. Nice work. And you melted me a bit at the end there. :) Makes all the hard work worth it to hear that I’m really helping you and the other participants keep up and come up with all the great ideas you have. Thank you!

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