Introducing Dawson the Deer!

I can’t believe I forgot to introduce you guys to the library’s newest friend: Dawson the Deer!

I know Christmas is over and by the time we go back to school it will be January but he’s just too cute not to mention-maybe someone will remember this come next year and try out a Dawson of their own.

Some people in my building do the Elf on the Shelf in their classrooms but, and apologies if you have one in your classroom or home, I find the Elf creepy and have never been tempted to have one for our library. However, I did like the idea of having some kind of magical creature we could move around during this time of year. When my mom emailed me the link to my youngest brother’s fall Scentsy fundraiser I saw Dawson Deer and knew I’d found our new magical friend!

So, the backstory I gave Dawson is that we meet years ago when he got a new iPad and needed help figuring out how to use it and do things like set up his email. Every year, around December 1st, he comes back to the library to help keep an eye on the students and see who is remembering their expectations at school.

The first time he appeared I hid him in the entry way of the library and acted surprised and excited like I had just spotted him when the kids were lining up to wait for their teacher. That’s when I explained who Dawson was and what he “job” was in the library. We also discussed “magical creature etiquette” like using your quiet voice so you don’t frighten them and respecting their personal space and not touching them.

I repeated this act every day until all the primary classes had met him making sure to move him to a slightly different spot in the library entryway each time so kids who’d already heard about him wouldn’t get suspicious. After that, I moved him every morning when I got to work and there were no kids around to see me. I tried to pick a spot near where we’d be learning that day that was also somewhat hidden so they wouldn’t immediately spot him.

I jokingly told one class that since Dawson knew how to use an iPad he just might email their teacher to report on how they did in the library. But then I realized, he could actually do just that! I created a Gmail account for Dawson the Deer, sent my colleagues a heads up email so they didn’t think it was spam, and Dawson started sending them emails to share with their classes about all the great things he saw when their class was at the library!

I had so much fun with Dawson the Deer this year-I miss him already!